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Our two products:

Chenilles Mountain V2 Power Track
Mountain V2

For Antonio Carraro, Ford (Ranger 2001-2012), Jeep, Mahindra, Mazda, Toyota (Land Cruiser, Tacoma). More details on the product pages.

22,995.00 $

Chenilles Tundra Power Track

For Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford (F-150 2010-2019), Toyota (Tundra 2007-2014). More details on the product pages.

27,995.00 $

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The 速PowerTrack system is a mechanical, articulated device that ensures distribution over the ground of the vehicle body mass by spreading it across a greater surface area than the usual contact area of the tyres. The Jeep on tracks is one of our most popular products, transforming a 4x4 vehicle into a true, high quality, all-terrain vehicle with built-in safety features. Jeep tracks are becoming more and more sought-after in the automotive market, because they represent a new way of making the most of one's vehicle. Jeeps with tracks enable access to places that other recreational vehicles cannot get to. They are also versatile for use on different surfaces, such as snow, mud and sand, for example. The caterpillar track enables the vehicle to travel smoothly and easily across the surface of the snow.

Furthermore, for all snowmobile enthusiasts, the 4x4 on tracks is a very attractive alternative, when the slopes are closed. Not only does it enable you to enjoy the snow for a longer period, but you can also use it for riding back to your chalet, if it is rather a long way off. The Jeep on tracks provides you with a trusty and safe means of transportation at any time and for every kind of excursion. It enables you to rest assured that your ride will be perfectly safe, and equally so, your return.

It is with pride that we mention that our Jeeps with tracks are completely manufactured in Canada. It is our policy to support the local workforce, and this is a value we cherish. Our team is constantly innovating and uses state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the best possible 4x4 on tracks.

Our Jeeps on tracks, whether they are our own original products or conversions, are extremely reliable, so you can embark on an all-terrain expedition with top quality equipment. Give them a try and discover the joys of this kind.


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